Springbrook is Stunning

If you're already booked at Springbrook, and you're looking for a wedding photographer, allow me to be the first to volunteer. (Also, if you choose me, you'll receive a 10% discount on your wedding photography collection since Springbrook Events is close to my home!)

I cannot emphasize enough how much I love this venue. Springbrook Events has everything you need to create a beautiful, memorable wedding album that is filled with gorgeous scenery year-round! They've got a modernized yet rustic barn that is fully restored and incredibly inviting. There's a serene lake with swans and a fountain. There are beautiful droopy willows, big leafy oaks, and wide green lawns. There are windy paths that lead over bridges by ponds. There's even an 1800's chapel with a stairway that just begs a bride with a long train to show off her dress in a classic scene.

The inside of the barn at Springbrook Events in Burnett, Wisconsin, is simply gorgeous. There is plenty of natural light, and there is even a nod to Wisconsin's history -- those gorgeous fixtures up front are originals from the Pfister Hotel!

Wisconsin engagement photographer Kimberly Irish captures a couple strolling by the lake at Springbrook Events

Imagine music from Swan Lake playing in the background as Abby and Coleman stroll along the lake side, enjoying the evening. The fountain in the background lights up with colored LED lights in the evening to create a beautiful feature your guests will love!

Springbrook Events has many paths, bridges, and waterways all around the property. On the evening of this engagement session, there were adorable fuzzy little chicks that had just hatched scrambling all over the rocks on the island!

This grassy lawn is the exact spot where Abby and Coleman will be saying their vows later this year. Those oak trees will be covered in beautiful leaves, and the willows in the distance will be swaying in the breeze. Can we say *gorgeous*?

Springbrook is Accommodating

Couples love Springbrook because the venue staff is incredibly accommodating, and the buildings on site are well thought out. Couples can rent the entire 1850's cottage for a true old-fashioned feel (they'll even get to pump their own water for this one). They can spend the night in one of the White House's beautiful rooms, which are named after some of the most romantic and beloved flowers (Lily of the Valley? Evening Primrose? Forget-me-Not? I swoon). There is even enough space in the Stableside Home on-site to host an entire group of bridesmaids the night before the wedding, so no one has to travel on your special day!

Guests will enjoy the comfort of a fully air-conditioned and heated barn, so inclement weather never puts a damper on the day. There is plenty of space to stretch out in the bar areas of the barn, as well as a large patio next to the lake so they can enjoy time out in the fresh country air. There is also plenty of parking near every popular location on the property, so guests will have no trouble enjoying your celebration, whether you choose to say, "I do," outside under the towering oak trees or in the barn with twinkly lights all around.

happy couple embracing near the window at springbrook events

The barn at Springbrook Events has plenty of windows for beautiful natural light!

Groom leaning against the cottage at springbrook events

The 1850s Cottage at Springbrook Events is modernized rustic charm at its finest.

And... If you choose Springbrook for your wedding...

You can also use the property for your engagement photos! And if you choose this option, you will not be disappointed! Look how happy Abby and Coleman are to celebrate their upcoming marriage here at Springbrook! And *BONUS!!*-- because Springbrook Events is within a 35-mile radius of Oconomowoc, any Springbrook couple who chooses me as your photographer gets a 10% discount off your entire wedding collection! (Check out some info about my Wedding Collections!) I'd say that's a pretty great deal all around.