It's more than a hobby.

Becoming a parent changes everything about your life forever. Instantly your world revolves around someone tiny, someone helpless, someone utterly dependent on you for everything. You would give anything to make life perfect for this new little person. As the years go by, you will draw strength and comfort from remembering every detail of your first few moments with this precious life you brought into this world. 

I have four children of my own, and I can still remember everything about the first time each of them were placed in my arms: the way the light played across the room, the smell of freshly birthed child, the weight of their warm bodies heavy on top of my newly-hollowed belly. I remember thinking that nothing in the entire world has ever been so beautiful, and that no moment has ever mattered more than that exact moment- the moment I beheld my child for the first time.

As time went on and I inspected each tiny finger and each bubble toe, I memorized every detail. The way my firstborn sounded like a pterodactyl when she was hungry, and the way my second child had expressive eyebrows and I could read his mind from the first moment. The way my third child soothed my spirit and had a calm and unshakable demeanor from the second she was born to the triumph I felt when my fourth child finally gained an ounce after losing weight for several days on end. 

You will memorize every detail of your child’s life. It is your right, your privilege, and your duty.

You will memorize. I will memorialize.

You see, I don’t have any photographs of me nursing my firstborn and offering her comfort for hours on end while she felt hungry during a growth spurt. I don’t have any photographs of my second child making the same quizzical expression he makes today, years later. I don’t have photographs of me holding my third child and snuggling her because she calmed me down. I don't have photographs of me lavishing in the love of four unique human beings that I nourished and brought into this world when my fourth child was brand new. I didn’t have anyone to memorialize those moments for me. My children only have my words to know how unique my love for them could be.

That is why I want to give you and your children this gift. I want to give you photographic evidence to display the depth and complexities of the relationship between you and your child. Whether this is your first, eleventh, or somewhere in between, your relationship with this child is unique and special and deserves to be preserved. Every child deserves to have this legacy, and every mother deserves to have those precious first few moments displayed with pride for all the world to see how deep and far-reaching her love for her child can be.

I memorialize moments and relationships through birth and newborn photography in Wisconsin’s Lake Country. I shape your family’s legacy by capturing the moments that change your life forever.