Ready to share the love this Valentine's Day?

So you missed out on Wee Irish Photography's Valentine's Day mini sessions, but you still want to share some adorable photos with friends and family. I've got you covered. By following these quick steps, you'll be able to snap some super cute pictures of your little cupids so you can let your friends and family know how much you love them. So dust off your camera, or even just grab your phone, and let's get going!

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Step 1: Find Great Light!

Great light is light that is bright, but not direct sunlight (not a problem here in cloudy Wisconsin at this time of year). A room with a large north-facing window is a great spot, because the light filtering in will be soft and beautiful, and will light your photo very nicely. Avoid areas of your home that have deep shadows or no windows at all. You really want your friends and family to be able to see all the details in your photographs!

Step 2: Tidy Up!

A nice clean background is key in creating photographs that put the focus right on your adorable kiddo (or fur baby). So stash your extra backpacks, water bottles, books, and toys, and start with a tidy area. I recommend using a blank wall or an area of your home that has just a few simple decorations. A master bedroom is often a great space because they tend to get great light and have beautiful decorations that aren't too distracting.

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Step 3: Find a Cute Theme, Outfit, and Props!

I love planning themed or holiday sessions because there are SO many cute ideas out there! Whatever you choose, keep it simple and age-appropriate. Outfits can be as simple as a red dress or blue jeans with red suspenders. They can also be over-the-top and glamorous as can be -- a ball gown for Valentine's photos? Yes, please!

Remember to keep your focus on your subject, and let the props be supportive of the overall theme or mood. You don't have to go all-out or spend an enormous amount of money. Some quick ideas for Valentine's Day: a simple heart banner, heart-shaped glasses, balloons, paper hearts, and red and pink streamers or ribbons.

Check out my Valentine's Day DIY Photoshoot Ideas Pinterest board for more ideas and inspiration.

Step 4: Set Yourself up for Success!

To ensure you have great success with this photoshoot, make sure everything is in place BEFORE you bring in your subjects, whether you're using your kiddos or your fur babies. Take a few test photos to make sure your space is well-lit, clear of distractions, and set up just the way you like it. Once you're sure you've got everything in place... bring in the subjects!

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Step 5: Have a Ball!

When your subject is having fun, it shows! Be prepared to take a lot of photos in a short amount of time. Keep your photo session short, and do what it takes to elicit genuine, adorable expressions. Tell jokes, make funny faces, and even enlist help from a sibling or grandparent. You know your kids and pets best. Do whatever it takes to get them happy and excited to participate in the session! And most importantly- have fun together! Photography is all about creating fun memories to enjoy together. Let this experience be lighthearted and filled with laughter and love. Your friends and family will appreciate all you capture.

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Don't want to settle for DIY mini sessions in the future?

I offer several opportunities to book themed mini sessions throughout the year. You can find all my mini sessions, as well as special package pricing information when you click here--> Seasonal Minisessions!