There is nothing quite like snuggling your brand new baby in the quiet and comfort of your own home.

That's why I LOVE offering in-home newborn sessions for new parents and families in Oconomowoc, Madison, Milwaukee, and everywhere in between. They are unique opportunities for us to work at baby's pace and just relax. A carefully planned in-home session offers three distinct advantages over a typical in-studio newborn session: comfort, convenience, and creativity.

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In-home newborn sessions show off how comfortable your family feels. Your home is your nest, your place of refuge. You create an atmosphere that suits you and your family, and you lovingly prepare a place for your baby to feel welcome and secure. I love including special areas of your home in your family's first photos; the cozy and personalized environment creates an intimate background that highlights the objects and memories that matter most in your family's story.

It is readily apparent when families feel comfortable in their photos. They relax and smile with genuine, easy smiles. They hold each other the way that feels most comfortable and interact in natural ways that highlight their love and trust in one another. While a newborn photo session is really all about the newborn, an in-home session places that newborn right in the middle of an established family, where relationships flourish and love abounds.

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In-home newborn sessions are very convenient for new families. The first few weeks after welcoming a new baby home can be filled with sleepless nights, aches and pains, and an overall sense of disorientation. New parents can feel overwhelmed at the idea of packing up the diaper bag and taking baby out into the cold or heat. (This is especially true in Wisconsin's cold snowy winters and hot humid summers.)

When you invite me into your home, you can relax and know that I will bring everything needed, from outfits to lighting, to capture beautiful serene photos of your baby and your family. Your only job is to be present. A typical in-home newborn session lasts about three hours long, during which time families can breathe easy and know that we are truly on baby's schedule. When baby is feeling peaceful, I capture images of baby in posed or wrapped positions on blankets or in baskets. When baby is feeling fussy, I enlist Mom and Dad to work toward comforting baby by feeding, holding, rocking, or whatever works. There is no rush, and we can take advantage of baby's need for comfort to create beautiful lifestyle images that capture the wonder as new parents gaze upon their greatest gift ever.

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In-home newborn sessions lend themselves to creativity: I bring several outfits, backgrounds, props, and ideas already prepared ahead of time, and you provide any extra props and outfits you'd like to use. It is wonderful to be able to set up different areas of the home to create several unique series of photos. I work hard to highlight the things that are important to you and to incorporate any ideas you have so your gallery is as unique as your family. We have flexibility of locations, outfits, and activities to give a greater variety of images in your final gallery, which means your baby's newborn album is packed full of unique and beautiful images.

Allow me to capture gorgeous serene newborn and family photographs for you in the comfort of your own home.

I love nothing more than sharing in parents' eager anticipation which precedes the arrival of their new baby. When you're ready to schedule your cozy in-home newborn session, get in touch using the "Contact" button at the top right hand side of this page. Thank you for inviting me into your home; I truly can't wait to start planning with you!

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